Accreditation Mentoring

The initial EHAC accreditation process is roughly a year long process that can require a significant amount of preparation to attune your Environmental Health degree program's curriculum to EHAC's undergraduate and/or graduate criteria. EHAC conducts a mentoring effort to assist new degree programs with assessing their accreditation readiness and, if necessary, to create a plan for realigning their curriculum to meet the requirements. EHAC mentors assist program directors with curriculum assessment and preparation in order to facilitate the application process.

Mentors provide you with the following support:

  • Answers to questions about the EHAC accreditation process.
  • Guidance in developing curriculum which addresses accreditation criteria.
  • Guidance on preparation of Self-Studies.
  • Assistance with other issues which may arise during the accreditation preparation process.

Please note:

  • Mentors cannot guarantee accreditation and receiving mentor support does not mean your program is accredited, is pre-accredited, or will received approval for accreditation by the EHAC Council.
  • Only the EHAC Council makes accreditation decisions at its annual summer meeting each year. The annual meeting is usually held in conjunction with the annual National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Conference.

Depending on how your curriculum aligns with EHAC criteria, initial accreditation is generally a year long process. Once a mentor has helped you address accreditation criteria and the EHAC Undergraduate or Graduate Degree Program Chair has agreed with your mentor’s assessment, the degree program is invited to submit an application for accreditation.

We hope you will consider accreditation with EHAC and join the ranks of an elite cadre of degree programs creating a well-qualified and highly trained environmental health workforce.

If you have further questions, please contact Leslie Mitchell at our office: 206-522-5272 or email at