Initial Accreditation and Reaccreditation Timeline for Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs

The reaccreditation process corresponds closely with the initial accreditation process.  This process provides an opportunity for the EHAC Council to review the accredited degree program and work with Program Directors to ensure that EHAC guidelines and requirements are being observed and that students are receiving quality, science based instruction and practical experience.

Unique to the Reaccreditation Process is the requirement for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs to complete an Outcome Assessment Survey.

Accreditation and Reaccreditation Timeline

July 1Accreditation Cycle BeginsExplanation
July 1 Accreditation Cycle Begins Explanation
July 15 EHAC Undergraduate and Graduate Program Vice Chairs notify degree programs of their accreditation status via letters During the Fall prior to the accreditation termination date (6 year term), degree programs will receive a letter requesting a signed application signifying intent of program to initiate the reaccreditation process
August 15 Accreditation Notification  Programs scheduled to seek reaccreditation are notified by EHAC's Undergraduate or Graduate Vice Chairs no later than August 15 of reaccreditation requirements (submission of a Self-Study and scheduling of a Site Visit, completion of an Outcomes Assessment Survey and Annual Update Survey), reaccreditation fees and due dates.
September 15 Reaccreditation Extension Requests Due Degree programs requiring an extension must make their request by September 15
September 15 Outcome Assessment Survey Links Mailed to Program Directors Reaccrediting degree programs must complete and Outcomes Assessment Survey via a Survey Monkey link sent from the EHAC office
October 1 Initial Accreditation and Reaccreditation Processes Begin - Initial Accreditation Application Form DueReaccreditation Application Form Due, Reaccreditation Fee and Annual Accreditation Fee Invoiced Degree programs interested in seeking reaccreditation need to submit their signed reaccreditation application no later than October 1. Reaccrediting programs will be invoiced on October 1.  All programs will be invoiced for their annual accreditation fee on October 1, as well
October 1 Invoices sent for: Initial and Reaccreditation Fees and Annual Accreditation Fee Accreditation Fee and Dues Structure
November 1 Accreditation Fee and Dues Structure Accreditation Fee and Dues Structure
December 1 Submission deadline for Self-Studies and Outcomes Assessment Self-Study Reports and Outcomes Assessment Surveys are due no later than December 1 prior to the summer Annual Meeting of the EHAC Council. Please see the Calendar for specific meeting dates.
December 15 Self Studies are posted on website  
December 31 Site Visit scheduling deadline Site Visits must be scheduled for a date in February or March of the upcoming year.  
January 1 Primary Self-Study Reviews are due All Primary Reviewers of Self-Studies must submit their comments by January 1
January 15 Annual Update Survey Links are Distributed to All Program Directors All EHAC degree programs (undergraduate and graduate) must complete an Annual Update Survey via a Survey Monkey link provided by the EHAC office
February and March Site Visits Occur Site Visit Draft Report is due from Site Visitors a maximum of two weeks after the site visit takes place. Program Director reviews the site visit report, suggests appropriate corrections of fact, provides appendices as necessary and returns the site visit report within two weeks of receipt of the site visit team draft report. The final Site Visit Report and a PowerPoint slide show outlining strengths and weakness of candidate degree programs is due two weeks after receipt of Program Director suggestions for factual corrections  
March 15 Deadline for Submission of Annual Update Surveys  
April 30 Site Visits Completed  
Maximum TWO weeks after site visit occurs Draft Site Visit Report Submitted to Program Director Site visit team submits draft report to Program Director for their comments
Maximum TWO weeks after receipt of Draft Site Visit Report Program Director Comment Period Program Director reviews the Draft Site Visit Report and suggests appropriate corrections of fact. Program Director returns the edited Draft Site Visit Report with suggestions to the Site Visit Team Lead.
Maximum TWO weeks after receipt of suggestions for factual corrections. Final Site Report Distributed for Council Review and Power Point Slide Show Submitted to EHAC office by Site Visit Team Upon return to the Site Visit Lead, appropriate changes will be made and the document distributed to the entire Council, Site Visit team, EHAC Headquarters and the Program Director.
May All Initial Accreditation and Reaccreditation Related Documents are available on the log in section to EHAC Council members for their review prior to the EHAC annual meeting in June or July.
June/July Initial Accreditation and Reaccreditation Decisions Reaccreditation decisions are voted upon by the EHAC Council at EHAC’s Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the National Environmental Health Association’s Annual Education Conference (NEHA AEC), which generally occurs in June or July.  Degree programs are notified of deliberation results four weeks after the annual meeting