The Self-Study shall be completed and submitted December 1 before the annual meeting in which Council is expected to review accreditation application or renewal. The date for submission will be provided on the EHAC Calendar and in the letter sent to the degree program reminding them of the reaccreditation process or initial accreditation process as appropriate.

EHAC requests that degree programs house the Self-Study on their university web sites and inform the EHAC office of the location of the link to the Self-Study. If the program cannot provide a link to the Self-Study, then the program shall submit the Self-Study electronically to the EHAC Office in a PDF format.

Degree programs shall send the link to their Self-Study to the EHAC office at The EHAC staff will send a copy to the EHAC General Chair and appropriate Undergraduate and/or Graduate Vice Chair by the date due.

The EHAC staff will notify the Council that the Self-Study link is available and provide access the login portion of the EHAC website.

For questions about the guidelines or Self-Study submission, please contact the EHAC Office, or the Undergraduate or Graduate Vice Chair for more information.

For a copy of the current guidelines, please visit: Undergraduate Requirements or Graduate Guidelines.

Self-Study Reports are due no later than December 1 prior to the Annual Meeting. Outcomes Assessment results are due for degree programs seeking reaccreditation. Please see the EHAC Accreditation/Reaccreditation Calendar for specific dates and deadlines.