Accreditation Timeline

July 1Accreditation Cycle BeginsExplanation
July 1 Accreditation Cycle Begins Explanation
October 1 Initial Application Form and Fee for Re-accreditation Due Programs interested in seeking first-time accreditation need to submit their application and payment no later than Oct. 1. 
December 1 Submission deadline for Self-Studies and Outcomes Assessment Self-Study Reports are due no later than December 1 prior to the summer Annual Meeting of the EHAC Council. Please see the Calendar for specific dates and deadlines.
December 31 Site Visit scheduling deadline Site Visits must be scheduled for a date in February or March of the upcoming year.
February and March Site Visits Occur  
April Submission deadline for Final Site Visit Reports  
June/July Accreditation Decisions Accreditation decisions are voted upon by the EHAC Council at EHAC’s Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the National Environmental Health Association’s Annual Education Conference (NEHA AEC).  Please see the Calendar for specific dates.